Center Medical Director/Laboratory Director at Vincennes

Vincennes, IN

Who Are We?

Powered by technology and compassionate design, Parachute has reimagined the plasma donation experience into one that is easier and friendlier. Using a simple app, our members can book donations and track earnings from the palm of their hand. In using a tech-forward approach, we’re able to offer each member a highly personable and best-in-class experience that’s consistent at each and every visit.

Our vision is to introduce an elevated plasma donation experience that’s grounded in convenience to markets with smaller populations.  This model allows us to positively impact the industry supply chain and help patients gain access to the medication they need.

Come join us as we help the world gain access to more plasma - one donation at a time.

What You’ll Do

The Center Medical Director / Laboratory Director provides medical oversight to the Physician Substitutes and provides necessary training of the other physicians and Physician Substitutes. The Center Medical Director / Laboratory Director is responsible for compliance with all applicable policies and regulations and serves as Laboratory Director for the Donor Center and the Company.

Job Requirements

  • Responsible for the overall operation and administration of the laboratory, including the employment of qualified personnel.
  • Ensures applicable CLIA regulations are met.
  • Serve as recognized Center Medical Director / Laboratory Director for all verbal and/or written correspondence to State Department(s) of Health and other regulatory agencies as required.
  • Observe and confirm compliance of the Donor Center’s medical and laboratory procedures as they affect the safety of the donors and the final product.
  • Provide feedback to Center Operations Management and Center Quality Assurance.
  • Complete timely reviews of accumulated data to confirm established donor suitability, donor safety and product safety.
  • Oversee and assist in the certification, training and performance of the Donor Center medical staff and provide additional necessary training, re-certification, and corrective actions for the Donor Center’s medical staff as required.
  • Provide guidance for the appropriate and confidential counseling to individuals with unacceptable test results.
  • Provide guidance for the appropriate level of care during unusual or severe donor reactions.
  • Complete management, training, administration and/or supervision of all approved donor immunization programs, if available at a Donor Center, according to established protocol.
  • Recommend changes and improvements to Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Assist with management and administration of donor counseling, testing, and follow up of employee exposure to blood or components.
  • Participate and collaborate with center’s CLIA, safety, quality meetings, and other meetings, as necessary.
  • Provide education sessions to the medical staff according to the Company’s SOP.
  • Demonstrate active involvement in the laboratory’s operation and be available to the laboratory staff, as needed.
  • Develop and use a quality system approach to laboratory testing that provides accurate and reliable patient test results.
  • Ensures that testing systems in the laboratory provide quality services in all aspects of test performance, i.e., the pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic phases of testing and are appropriate for donor population.
  • Ensure the physical and environmental conditions of the laboratory are adequate and appropriate for the testing performed; the environment for employees is safe from physical, chemical, and biological hazards and safety and biohazard requirements are followed.
  • Ensure sufficient numbers of appropriately educated, experienced and trained personnel who provide appropriate consultation, properly supervise and accurately perform tests and report test results in accordance with the written duties and responsibilities specified, are employed by the laboratory.
  • Review new test procedures
  • Ensure all new procedures are included in the SOP and followed by personnel.
  • Ensure each employee’s responsibilities and duties are specified in writing.
  • Review the quality assurance reports for timely and appropriate actions on moderate complexity procedures for test problems.
  • Review results of moderate complexity tests and proficiency testing by the Donor Center staff as required.
  • Meet as needed with the President and/or the VP of Operations and/or the VP Quality and Regulatory Affairs.
  • Sign a Statement of Responsibility.

Who Are You?

  • Knowledge of the legal aspects of plasma donor center documentation and decisions.
  • Knowledge of the principles of management, supervision and/or health care administration.
  • Knowledge of Federal and State health and safety regulations.
  • A natural leader with character and integrity.
  • Enthusiastic, energetic, positive, and personable.
  • Lifelong learner with a growth mindset.
  • Passionate about the Parachute Mission.
  • Excellent leadership skills. Prior experience managing a team of direct reports and the ability to effectively delegate, retain, motivate, and provide constructive feedback is a must.


  • Possesses a current license as a Medical Laboratory Director issued by the state where the laboratory is located if such licensing is required.
  • Be a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy licensed to practice a Medicine or Osteopathy in the state where the laboratory is located and be certified in anatomic, clinical pathology, or both by the American Board of Pathology or the American Osteopathic Board of Pathology or possess qualifications that are equivalent.
  • Be a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy or Doctor of Podiatric medicine licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy or podiatry in the state in which the laboratory is located and have laboratory training or experience consisting of:
    • At least one year of directing or supervising non-waived laboratory testing, or
    • Have at least 20 continuing medical education credit hours, commensurate with the director responsibilities, or
    • Have laboratory training equivalent to twenty continuing medical education credit hours, commensurate with the director responsibilities, obtained during medical residency.
  • Hold an earned doctoral degree in a chemical, physical, biological or clinical laboratory science from an accredited institution and be certified by the American Board of Medical Microbiology, the American Board of Clinical Chemistry, the American Board of Bio-analysts, or the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology, or have at least one-year experience directing or supervising non-waived testing
  • Must also possess a  Valid, state-issued medical license in good standing.


Salary $150 per hour