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Turn your compassion into cash

Become a plasma donor and make today your first pay day. It's that simple

Parachute employee guiding a donor through the checkin process at a center.

Earn With Purpose

We make it easy to earn extra. Book a donation in the app, come in during your scheduled time, and get paid. We can’t wait to meet you.

Whether it’s $40 for groceries, $1,500 for your mortgage, or $4,000 to put toward your retirement, it adds up. Parents, students, retirees, part-timers, and everyone in between can earn extra money for what makes life better. All you need is a smartphone to start earning.

Screenshot of Parachute app calendar screen showing available appointments and a screenshot of Parachute app Home Screen.

Get the App

Enter your phone number and ZIP Code and get matched to the center nearest you faster than you buy your morning coffee.

Screenshots of Parachute app overall earnings screen and visit details screen.

Book a Visit

Select the 1-hour time slot that works best for you. You can book a same day donation or plan ahead. We offer bonuses for coming in when we're less busy. The more flexible you can be with your time, the more you can earn. Sound good?

Screenshot of Parachute app level up screen.

Get Paid

You’ve earned it. Your Parachute card has ATM access and can be used as a regular debit card. You can always keep track of your earnings and total balance in the app. It's your money to spend or save for the things that matter.

What Is Parachute?

Powered by technology and rooted in clean, intuitive design and hospitality, we built Parachute to help the world gain more access to life-saving plasma while creating a better experience for our members.

Come and see for yourself.

Image of Parachute earnings card.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

New members will earn up to $130 for their first two donations. Helping others can be good for you, too.