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Make your money grow

Want to earn more? We’ve got you covered. Participate in our monthly in-app challenges to increase your donation earnings.

Image of parachute donor challange
Opportunities all year round
Get to know challenges by exploring the most popular ones each month
First Donation Bonus Badge
First Donation Bonus
Second Donation Bonus Badge
Second Donation Bonus
Bronze Bonus Badge
Bronze Bonus
Silver Bonus Badge
Silver Bonus
Gold Bonus Badge
Gold Bonus
March Madness Badge
March Madness
Get to know challenges
Title and Rules
The challenge title is listed at the top of the card. Below you will see the rules to complete the challenges.
Screenshot that says Early Bird Challenge. Donate 2 times before 10am
Your challenge timeline shows how much time you have to complete the challenge.
Screenshot of a range of dates from beginning of Jan 2022 to end of Jan 2022
If you need to be at a certain donation level to participate in the challenge, that will be displayed here.
Screenshot that states Must be at Level 1. You unlocked and started this challenge
Progress Bar
We’ll track your progress as you donate. Take a quick glance to see how close you are to earning that bonus.
Screenshot of a progress bar
Want to learn more?
Image of waving hand
How much can I earn?
New members can earn up to $130 for completing two donations. Take our quick quiz to see how much you can earn.
Image of tied bag with dollar sign on it
Donate with Parachute and watch your money grow. It’s easy to keep track of your earnings, referral credit, and card balance in the app.