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Sidney, Ohio

Parachute is the easiest way to earn extra money by donating plasma. Earn up to $130 for your first two donations.

Member Benefits

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You’re the boss

Your Schedule

Your time is valuable. Simply use our in-app appointment system to select the dates and times that works best for you. We look 
forward to seeing you soon.

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Do good

Feel Good

Access to plasma is a global health crisis and almost 4 million units of plasma are needed annually in the U.S. alone. Earn extra for the things that matter while changing lives. That's Parachute.

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Easy Payment

You'll always know how much you'll earn even before stepping foot into one of our centers. Our app makes it easy to maximize the amount you'll earn from each donation.

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You’ve got this

We’ve Got You

The donation process can feel a little intimdating, especially if it's your first time. Got a question or need help? Connect with our Member Support Team with just a few taps.

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Power ups

Ways To Earn

We're big on challenges. In-app bonus challenges will help you increase your earnings and level up. The app will keep track of all of your progress as you grow with Parachute.

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Better with friends


Earn extra by referring friends. You can earn up to $70 for each referral and there's no limit on how many people you can refer. Plus, you can track each referral's progress in the app.

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401 Lester Ave., Sidney OH 45365


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We Serve

If you live in one of the locations below you may be able donate at our Sidney, OH center.
45365, 45367
Sidney, OH
45373, 45374
Troy, OH
45804, 45805
Lima, OH
45806, 45802, 45807, 45801
Lima, OH
45502, 45504, 45505, 45506
Springfield, OH
45501, 45503
Springfield, OH
45390, 47390
Union City, OH
45424, 45458, 45459, 45449
Dayton, OH
45415, 45440, 45429, 45439
Dayton, OH
45414, 45430, 45434, 45419
Dayton, OH
45433, 45420, 45409, 45479
Dayton, OH
45416, 45432, 45408, 45469
Dayton, OH
45405, 45428, 45427, 45490
Dayton, OH
45404, 45482, 45481, 45475
Dayton, OH
45426, 45470, 45448, 45441
Dayton, OH
45406, 45437, 45435, 45413
Dayton, OH
45418, 45401, 45410, 45417
Dayton, OH
45454, 45463, 45431, 45402
Dayton, OH
45403, 45422, 45423, 45412
Dayton, OH
Ada, OH
43040, 43041
Marysville, OH
45342, 45343
Miamisburg, OH
47374, 47375
Richmond, IN